Excel Keyboard Shortcuts List that You Should Know in 2022 | MS Excel Shortcut Keys Chart

There is nothing to deny the fact that all of us look for smarter alternatives to do our work these days. If you are using Microsoft Excel and looking for some great alternatives then this guide is for you. Here, we have jotted down the Most Useful Excel Keyboard Shortcuts that you should definitely consider in your work. You need not remember all of them at once and you can always look up to us for Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel. Start using these MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF 2022 and see the difference.

Cells, Ranges, Rows, & Columns

We have listed the Advanced Excel Shortcut Keys depending on different categories. Use them and make your work-life way easier and quicker.

Navigating The Grid

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Select the first visible cell in the sheet (or bottom-right of freeze panes) Ctrl+Home Fn+Ctrl+← Ctrl+Home
Select the last used cell in the sheet Ctrl+End Fn+Ctrl+→ Ctrl+End
Select first cell in the row of the active cell Home Fn+← Home
Turn on End Mode (similar to Ctrl+Arrow Keys) End Fn+→ End
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving up Ctrl+↑ Ctrl+↑ Ctrl+↑
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving right Ctrl+→ Ctrl+→ Ctrl+→
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving down Ctrl+↓ Ctrl+↓ Ctrl+↓
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving left Ctrl+← Ctrl+← Ctrl+←
Select cell one screen down from the active cell PgDn Fn+↓ PgDn
Select cell one screen up from the active cell PgUp Fn+↑ PgUp
Select cell one screen to the right of the active cell Alt+PgDn Fn+Alt+↓
Select cell one screen to the left of the active cell Alt+PgUp Fn+Alt+↑
Move one cell up
Move one cell right
Move one cell down
Move one cell left
Go back to hyperlink Ctrl+G,Enter Ctrl+G,Return
Open the Find window Ctrl+F Cmd+F Ctrl+F
Open the Find & Replace window Ctrl+H Ctrl+H Ctrl+H
Find next match Shift+F4 Cmd+G Shift+F4
Find previous match Ctrl+Shift+F4 Cmd+Shift+G Ctrl+Shift+F4

Writing Formulas

Begin entering a formula = OR + = OR + = OR +
Insert function into formula with autocomplete Tab ↓Tab Tab
Edit the active cell F2 Ctrl+U F2
Toggle Enter and Edit modes while editing formula F2 Ctrl+U F2
Exit cell edit mode Esc Esc Esc
Toggle absolute and relative references F4 Cmd+T F4
AutoSum Alt+= Cmd+Shift+T Alt+=
Open Function Arguments window (when text cursor is inside function) Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
Open the Insert Function window Shift+F3 Fn+Shift+F3 Shift+F3
Show Formulas instead of Values in cells (toggle) Ctrl+` or Ctrl+~ Ctrl+`
Expand or collapse the formula bar Ctrl+Shift+U Ctrl+Shift+U
Calculate worksheets F9 Fn+F9 F9
Calculate active worksheet Shift+F9 Fn+Shift+F9
Calculate entire workbook Ctrl+Alt+F9 Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F9
Insert name into formula F3
Open Name Manager window Ctrl+F3 Fn+Ctrl+F3
Open Create Names From Selection window Ctrl+Shift+F3 Fn+Ctrl+Shift+F3
Set focus on Name Box Alt+F3
Enter array formula Ctrl+Shift+Enter Ctrl+Shift+Return
Evaluate selected text in a formula F9 Fn+F9 F9
Insert function arguments Ctrl+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A

Entering Data

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Open AutoComplete dropdown list Alt+↓ Alt+↓ Alt+↓
Enter and move to next cell (based on direction set in Excel Options) Enter Return Enter
Enter and move to previous cell (based on direction set in Excel Options) Shift+Enter Shift+Return Shift+Enter
Enter and move right Tab Tab Tab
Enter and move left Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Insert current date Ctrl+; Ctrl+; Ctrl+;
Insert current time Ctrl+Shift+: Cmd+;
Copy formula from cell above Ctrl+’ Ctrl+’ Ctrl+’
Fill down from cell above Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
Fill right Ctrl+R Ctrl+R
Flash fill Ctrl+E Ctrl+E
Stay in same cell when editing cell when single cell is selected Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Return Ctrl+Enter
Copy data or formula to all selected cells when editing cell Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Return Ctrl+Enter
Copy value (result of formula) from cell above Ctrl+Shift+” Ctrl+Shift+”

Editing Text

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Enter a line break (new line) in a cell Alt+Enter Ctrl+Alt+Return Alt+Enter
Delete character to the left of cursor Backspace Delete Backspace
Delete character to the right of cursor Delete Fn+Delete Delete
Delete to end of line Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+Delete Ctrl+Delete
Move text cursor one word to the right Ctrl+→ Ctrl+→ Ctrl+→
Move text cursor one word to the left Ctrl+← Ctrl+← Ctrl+←
Select one word right Ctrl+Shift+→ Ctrl+Shift+→ Ctrl+Shift+→
Select one word left Ctrl+Shift+← Ctrl+Shift+← Ctrl+Shift+←
Select one character right Shift+→ Shift+→ Shift+→
Select one character left Shift+← Shift+← Shift+←
Select to beginning of cell Shift+Home Fn+Shift+← Shift+Home
Select to end of the text/formula Shift+End Fn+Shift+→ Shift+End

Number Formatting

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Apply General format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+~ Ctrl+Shift+~
Apply Number format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+! Ctrl+Shift+!
Apply Date format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+# Ctrl+Shift+#
Apply Currency format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+$ Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply Percent format/style to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+% Ctrl+Shift+%
Apply Time format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+@ Ctrl+Shift+@
Apply Scientific format to selected cells Ctrl+Shift+^ Ctrl+Shift+^
Modify Cell Style of the active cell Alt+’ Cmd+Shift+L

Cell & Font Formatting

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Remove indent Alt,H,5 Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab
Indent Alt,H,6 Ctrl+Alt+Tab
Left Align Alt,H,A,L Cmd+L
Center Align Alt,H,A,C Cmd+E
Right Align Alt,H,A,R Cmd+R
Top Align Alt,H,A,T
Middle Align Alt,H,A,M
Bottom Align Alt,H,A,B
Increase Font Size Alt,H,F,G Cmd+Shift+> Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease Font Size Alt,H,F,K Cmd+Shift+< Ctrl+Shift+<
Wrap Text Alt,H,W
Format Window for cells and objects Ctrl+1 Cmd+1 Ctrl+1
Apply or remove bold formatting Ctrl+B Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Apply or remove italic formatting Ctrl+I Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Apply or remove underscoring Ctrl+U Cmd+U Ctrl+U
Apply or remove strikethrough formatting Ctrl+5 Cmd+Shift+X
Display Format Cells with Font tab selected Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+F
Insert or edit Cell Note Shift+F2 Fn+Shift+F2
Insert or reply to Cell Comment Ctrl+Shift+F2 Fn+Ctrl+Shift+F2 Shift+F2
Delete comment Shift+F10,M
Add hyperlink Ctrl+K Cmd+K Ctrl+K

Rows & Columns

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Select all cells in worksheet (unless active cell is in a Table) Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Select entire row Shift+Space Shift+Space Shift+Space
Select entire column Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
Add non-adjacent cells to selection Ctrl+Click Cmd+Click
Add adjacent cells to selection Shift+Click Shift+Click
Toggle Add or Remove Selection Mode Shift+F8 Fn+Shift+F8 Shift+F8
Same selection in next column Opt+Tab
Same selection in previous column Opt+Shift+Tab
Move right between non-adjacent selections Ctrl+Alt+→
Move left between non-adjacent selections Ctrl+Alt+←
Open Insert window Ctrl++ Ctrl++
Insert rows (with rows selected) Ctrl++ Ctrl++
Insert columns (with columns selected) Ctrl++ Ctrl++
Open Delete window Ctrl+- Cmd+- Ctrl+-
Delete rows (with rows selected) Ctrl+- Cmd+- Ctrl+-
Delete columns (with columns selected) Ctrl+- Cmd+- Ctrl+-
Delete cells (with cells selected) Ctrl+- Cmd+- Ctrl+-
AutoFit Column Width Alt,H,O,I Alt,H,O,I
AutoFit Row Height Alt,H,O,A Alt,H,O,A

Group & Hide

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Group rows or columns (with rows/columns selected) Shift+Alt+→ Cmd+Shift+K
Ungroup rows or columns (with rows/columns selected) Shift+Alt+← Cmd+Shift+J
Open Group window (with cell or range selected) Shift+Alt+→ Cmd+Shift+K
Open Ungroup window (with cell or range selected) Shift+Alt+← Cmd+Shift+J
Hide or show outline symbols Ctrl+8 Ctrl+8
Hide rows Ctrl+9 Ctrl+9 Ctrl+9
Hide columns Ctrl+0 Ctrl+0 Ctrl+0
Unhide rows Ctrl+Shift+9 Ctrl+Shift+9 Ctrl+Shift+9
Unhide columns Ctrl+Shift+0 Ctrl+Shift+0 Ctrl+Shift+0
Unhide columns (Alternate: Ctrl+Shift+0 does not work on some versions of Windows) Alt,H,O,U,L

Active Cell

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Activate next cell in selected range (based on direction set in Excel Options) Enter Return Enter
Activate next cell to right/below in selected range Tab Tab Tab
Activate each corner cell in selected range in clockwise direction Ctrl+. Ctrl+. Ctrl+.
Activate previous cell in selection (based on direction set in Excel Options) Shift+Enter Shift+Return Shift+Enter
Activate previous cell to left/above in selected range Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Scroll active cell into view Ctrl+Backspace Cmd+Delete Ctrl+Backspace
Select single (active) cell when range is selected Shift+Backspace Shift+Delete Shift+Backspace

Extend Selection

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Extend selection by one cell up Shift+↑ Shift+↑
Extend selection by one cell right Shift+→ Shift+→ Shift+→
Extend selection by one cell down Shift+↓ Shift+↓
Extend selection by one cell left Shift+← Shift+← Shift+←
Extend the selection to the last cell up Ctrl+Shift+↑ Ctrl+Shift+↑
Extend the selection to the last cell right Ctrl+Shift+→ Ctrl+Shift+→
Extend the selection to the last cell down Ctrl+Shift+↓ Ctrl+Shift+↓
Extend the selection to the last cell left Ctrl+Shift+← Ctrl+Shift+←
Extend selection to first cell in worksheet Ctrl+Shift+Home Fn+Ctrl+Shift+← Ctrl+Shift+Home
Extend selection to last cell in worksheet Ctrl+Shift+End Fn+Ctrl+Shift+→ Ctrl+Shift+End
Extend selection right one screen Shift+Alt+PgDn Fn+Shift+Alt+↓
Extend selection left one screen Shift+Alt+PgUp Fn+Shift+Alt+↑
Extend selection to start of row Shift+Home Fn+Shift+← Shift+Home
Extend selection down one screen Shift+PgDn Fn+Shift+↓
Extend selection up one screen Shift+PgUp Fn+Shift+↑
Toggle extend selection mode F8 Fn+F8
Select Spill Range Ctrl+A

Select Special Cells

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Open the Go To window F5 OR Ctrl+G Ctrl+G Ctrl+G
Open the Go To Special window Alt,H,F,D,S OR F5,Alt,S
Select visible cells only (when range is selected) Alt+; Cmd+Shift+Z
Select current region Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Select current region around active cell Ctrl+Shift+8 Shift+Ctrl+Space
Select current array Ctrl+/ Ctrl+/
Select row differences Ctrl+ Ctrl+
Select column differences Ctrl+Shift+ Ctrl+Shift+
Select direct dependents Ctrl+] Ctrl+]
Select direct precedents Ctrl+[ Ctrl+[
Select all precedents Ctrl+Shift+{ Ctrl+Shift+{
Select all dependents Ctrl+Shift+} Ctrl+Shift+}
Select cells with comments Ctrl+Shift+O Fn+Ctrl+Shift+O

Copy & Move with the Mouse

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Copy selected range or shape Ctrl+Drag Alt+Drag
Insert copy of selected range (moves existing cells) Ctrl+Shift+Drag Alt+Shift+Drag
Drag and cut Drag Drag
Cut and paste selected range (moves existing cells) Shift+Drag Shift+Drag
Move selected range to another worksheet Alt+Drag Cmd+Drag

Zoom & Scroll

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Zoom in Ctrl+Alt++ Alt+Cmd++ Ctrl+Alt++
Zoom out Ctrl+Alt+- Alt+Cmd+- Ctrl+Alt+-
Zoom in (with mouse) Ctrl+Scroll Up Ctrl+Scroll Up Ctrl+Scroll Up
Zoom out (with mouse) Ctrl+Scroll Down Ctrl+Scroll Down Ctrl+Scroll Down
Zoom to Selection Alt,W,G
Zoom to Selection Alt,W,J
Toggle Scroll Lock on/off ScrLk Fn+Shift+F14
Toggle Gridlines on/off Alt,W,V,G
Toggle Freeze Panes on/off Alt,W,F,F

Cell Borders

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Add Outside Borders to selected cell/range Ctrl+Shift+& Cmd+Alt+0 Ctrl+Shift+&
Remove all borders (apply No Borders) to the selection Ctrl+Shift+_ Cmd+Alt+_
Open Border dropdown menu on Home Tab Alt,H,B Alt,H,B
Add all borders to cells in the selected range Alt,H,B,A
Add or remove Bottom Border Alt,H,B,O Cmd+Alt+↓
Add or remove Top Border Alt,H,B,P Cmd+Alt+↑
Add or remove Left Border Alt,H,B,L Cmd+Alt+←
Add or remove Right Border Alt,H,B,R Cmd+Alt+→
Open Borders tab in Format Cells window (More Borders) Alt,H,B,M

Worksheet Tabs

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Insert new worksheet Shift+F11 Fn+Shift+F11 Shift+F11
Delete selected worksheets Alt,E,L Alt,H,D,S
Rename current worksheet Alt,O,H,R
Go to next worksheet Ctrl+PgDn Fn+Ctrl+↓ Ctrl+Alt+PgDn
Go to previous worksheet Ctrl+PgUp Fn+Ctrl+↑ Ctrl+Alt+PgUp
Select adjacent worksheets Ctrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDn
Select adjacent worksheets (mouse) Shift+Click Shift+Click
Select non-adjacent worksheets (mouse) Ctrl+Click Cmd+Click
Open Move or Copy window for selected sheets Alt,E,M
Duplicate worksheet (mouse) Ctrl+drag Alt+drag
Protect or Unprotect Sheet Alt,R,P,S
Clear print area Alt,P,R,C
Set print area Alt,P,R,S


File Open, Close, Save

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Create new workbook Ctrl+N Cmd+N
Open workbook Ctrl+O Cmd+O Ctrl+O
Save workbook Ctrl+S Cmd+S
Save as F12 Cmd+Shift+S Alt+F2
Close current workbook Ctrl+F4 OR Ctrl+W Cmd+W Ctrl+W
Close Excel Alt+F4 Cmd+Q

Workbook Actions & Options

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Undo last action Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo last action Ctrl+Y Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y
Repeat last action F4 Cmd+Y F4
Open Excel Options window Alt,F,T Cmd+,
Open help F1 Cmd+/
Tell Me Alt+Q
Open the Control Menu (minimize, maximize, close window) Alt+Space
Open Spelling window (Spell Check) F7 Fn+F7
Open Thesaurus dialog box Shift+F7 Fn+Shift+F7
Open Right-click menu Shift+F10 OR Menu Key Fn+Shift+F10
Move to next pane in application window F6 Fn+F6
Move to previous pane Shift+F6 Fn+Shift+F6
Protect and Unprotect Workbook Alt,R,P,W

Workbook View Settings

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Minimize current workbook window Ctrl+F9 Cmd+M
Maximize or Restore current workbook window (toggle) Ctrl+F10 Fn+Ctrl+F10
Toggle full screen Ctrl+Shift+F1 Ctrl+Cmd+F
Go to previous workbook Ctrl+Shift+Tab Cmd+Shift+`
Go to next workbook Ctrl+Tab Cmd+`
Open current workbook in Desktop Excel Application Alt+O

Tables & Filters

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Insert Table Ctrl+T Ctrl+T Ctrl+L OR Ctrl+Alt+T
Insert Table (select style first) Alt,H,T
Insert a row above the current row Alt,H, I, R Alt,H, I, R
Insert a column to the left of the current column Alt,H, I, C Alt,H, I, C
Select Table Body (Press again to include Headers) Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Select Table row Shift+Space Shift+Space Shift+Space
Select Table column Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
Toggle Autofilter on/off Ctrl+Shift+L Cmd+Shift+F Ctrl+Shift+L
Open Filter Dropdown Menu (with header cell selected) Alt+↓ Alt+↓ Alt+↓
Open Filter Dropdown Menu (from any cell in a Table) Shift+Alt+↓ Shift+Alt+↓ Shift+Alt+↓
Toggle Total Row on/off Ctrl+Shift+T Cmd+Shift+T
Clear slicer filter (with slicer selected) Alt+C Alt+C

Charts & Shapes

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Create chart or PivotChart on same worksheet Alt+F1 Fn+Alt+F1 Alt+F1
Create chart in new ChartSheet F11 Fn+F11
Open Format Chart Area Task Pane Ctrl+1 Cmd+1
Show or Hide All Field Buttons on PivotChart Alt,J,T,D,A
Snap to grid Alt Cmd+
Hide or show objects (shapes, charts, slicers) Ctrl+6 Ctrl+6

Copy & Paste Objects

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Copy selected object (cells, range, shape) Ctrl+C Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Cut selected object Ctrl+X Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Paste content from clipboard Ctrl+V Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Open the Paste Special window Ctrl+Alt+V Cmd+Ctrl+V
Duplicate selected object (shapes, charts, slicers) Ctrl+D Cmd+D
Copy selected objects (mouse) Ctrl+Drag Cmd+Drag
Copy selected ojbects and retain vertical or horizontal alignment (mouse) Ctrl+Shift+Drag Cmd+Shift+Drag
Copy selected objects (mouse right-click) Right-click+Drag Right-click+Drag
Copy selected ojbects and retain vertical or horizontal alignment (right-click mouse) Right-click+Shift+Drag Right-click+Shift+Drag

Pivot Tables

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Insert Pivot Table Alt,N,V
Refresh Pivot Table or Query Alt+F5 Alt+F5
Refresh All Ctrl+Alt+F5 Ctrl+Alt+F5
Open pivot table wizard Alt,D,P Cmd+Alt+P
Select entire pivot table Ctrl+A Cmd+A
Group pivot table items Shift+Alt+→ Cmd+Shift+K
Ungroup pivot table items Shift+Alt+← Cmd+Shift+J
Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table item Alt,H,S,C
Filter out (exclude/hide) pivot item Ctrl+- Ctrl- Ctrl+-
Open Filter Dropdown Menu in Pivot Table cells Alt+↓ Alt+↓ Alt+↓
Toggle pivot table field checkbox Space Space
Insert pivot chart Alt+F1 Fn+Alt+F1 Alt+F1
Create pivot chart on new Chart Sheet F11 Fn+F11


Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Activate Ribbon shortcut keys Alt OR Shift+F6 Alt OR Win+Alt
Move to next ribbon control Tab Tab Tab
Move through Ribbon tabs and groups → ← ↑ ↓ → ← ↑ ↓
Open dropdown menu of selected button Alt+↓ Alt+↓
Open help window for selected control F1
Expand or collapse ribbon Ctrl+F1 Cmd+Alt+R

Macros & VBA

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Open the VB Editor window (VBA) Alt+F11 Fn+Alt+F11
Open the Macro window (run or edit macro) Alt+F8 Fn+Alt+F8
Record Macro Alt,L,R
Open Excel Add-ins Window Alt,L,R
Open COM Add-ins Window Alt,L,J

Navigating Windows & Dialog Boxes

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Move to next tab Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab
Move to previous tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Move to next control or button Tab Tab Tab
Move to previous control or button Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Press selected control or button Enter Return Enter
Check and uncheck checkboxes Space Space
Close the window or dialog box Esc Esc Esc

Power Query

Shortcut Windows Mac Web
Open the Power Query Editor Alt,A,P,L,N
Press any button in the Power Query Ribbon Alt, Letter Sequence
Quick Access Toolbar in Power Query Alt+Number
Rename Column F2
Remove Column(s) Delete
Undo Last Action Tab (6 times), Delete
Select All Columns Ctrl+A
Select First Column Home
Select Last Column End
Select Multiple Adjacent Columns Shift+→ or ←
Select Multiple Non-Adjacent Columns Ctrl+→ or ←, Space
Open Filter Drop-down Menu Alt+↓
Open Right-click Menus Menu Key
Open Table Options Menu Select First Column,← ,Space
Select Task Panes & Ribbon Tab & Shift+Tab
Close Power Query Window Alt+F4
Close & Load Alt,F,Enter

Wrapping Up

We have included all the ones that we feel are important in the Shortcut Keys of MS Excel. If you need any other set of Excel Shortcuts for Mac, Windows, etc. do let us know your queries and we are happy to solve them. To know more about such similar kinds of Google Sheets Keyboard Shortcuts and Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts bookmark our site.

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