Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts PDF List To Start Using Today | Speed Up Your Productivity with these Gmail Shortcuts

If you ever thought of reducing the amount of time on your emails learning the Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts can be a great way to start with. Don’t waste time anymore navigating your mailbox or looking for your old mails with these Handy Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for your Email Workflow. There are a lot of Shortcut Keys for Gmail but not all of them are useful to you. On this note, we have listed the Gmail Shortcuts on Desktop, and Mac that will save your time every day.

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet | email Shortcut Keys List

Take your productivity to next level by exploring some of the Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail listed over here.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcut Windows Mac
Archive emails E E
Compose email C C
Trash emails # #
Select all conversations *+A *+A
Reply all A A
Reply R R
Reply in a new window Shift+A Shift+A
Make text italicized Ctrl+I ⌘+I
Make text bold Ctrl+B ⌘+B
Underline text Ctrl+U ⌘+U
Strikethrough text Alt + Shift+5 ⌘+Shift+X
Open Google Tasks G + K G + K
Add conversations to Google Tasks Shift+T Shift+T
Send email Ctrl+Enter ⌘+Enter
Insert a link Ctrl+K ⌘+K
Add Cc recipients to the email Ctrl+Shift+C ⌘+Shift+C
Add Bcc recipients to the email Ctrl+Shift+B ⌘+Shift+B
Add bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+7 ⌘+Shift+7
Add numbered list Ctrl+Shift+8 ⌘+Shift+7
Increase text size Ctrl+Shift++ ⌘+Shift++
Decrease text size Ctrl+Shift+- ⌘+Shift+-
Undo Ctrl+Z ⌘+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y ⌘+Y
Add quote Ctrl+Shift+9 ⌘+Shift+9
Open spelling suggestions Ctrl+M ⌘+M
Remove formatting Ctrl+ ⌘+
Reduce text indentation Ctrl+[ ⌘+[
Increase text indentation Ctrl+] ⌘+]
Align text to the center of the screen Ctrl+Shift+E ⌘+Shift+E
Align text to the right of the screen Ctrl+Shift+R ⌘+Shift+R
Align text to the left of the screen Ctrl+Shift+l ⌘+Shift+l
Mark email as important = or + = or +
Mark email as unimportant
Mark email as read Shift+I Shift+I
Mark email as unread Shift+U Shift+U
Expand conversation ; ;
Collapse conversation : :
Forward email f f
Forward email in a new window Shift+F Shift+F
Report email as spam ! !
Open the “Sent Messages” folder G+T G+T
Open the “Drafts” folder G+D G+D
View starred conversations only G+S G+S
Mute conversation M M
Search mailbox / /
Change font to next font Ctrl+Shift+5 ⌘+Shift+5
Change font to the previous font Ctrl+Shift+6 ⌘+Shift+6
View your Gmail keyboard shortcuts Shift+? ⌘+?

Final Words

Spend some time and learn these Handy Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts as you will be using Gmail all your life. These are worth investing your time so master them now. Bookmark our site to get the latest updates on Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts as well as Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts in no time.

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