Every Google Meet Keyboard Shortcut and How To Use Them | List of Google Meet Shortcut Keys to Make Life Easier

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing app that the majority of organizations with G Suite use. Like any other application, Google Meet even comes with amazing Keyboard Shortcuts. Use the Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts over here and make your life easier when using the Google Meet. Check out the Best Google Meet Shortcuts for Windows and Mac to master and make the most out of them in your upcoming office meeting or a family call.

Default Hotkeys for Google Meet on Windows or ChromeOS

Access the compelling features of Google Meet with the Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Meet over here and do your work smarter.


      • Toggle Camera On/Off: Ctrl+E
      • Toggle Microphone On/Off: Ctrl+D
      • View Hotkeys: Shift+? or Ctrl+/

Accessibility (Your Mileage May Vary)

      • Announce Current Speaker: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A, then S
      • Announce Current Room: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+A, then I

Default Hotkeys for Google Meet on Mac


      • Toggle Camera On/Off: Cmd+E
      • Toggle Microphone On/Off: Cmd+D
      • Toggle Chat On/Off (Mac Only): Ctrl+Cmd+C
      • Toggle People On/Off (Mac Only): Ctrl+Cmd+P
      • View Hotkeys: Shift+? or Ctrl+/

Accessibility (Your Mileage May Vary)

      • Announce Current Speaker: Shift+Cmd+Alt+A, then S
      • Announce Current Room: Shift+Cmd+Alt+A, then I


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