Google Contacts Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows | Use Google Contacts like a Pro with these Shortcut Keys

Get a complete list of Google Contacts Keyboard Shortcuts from here and make the most out of them. Try using the Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Google Contacts which will save you hours of time overall. Start using these Google Contacts Hotkeys and access the contact list easily in the blink of an eye. You can use these simple tips & tricks to access the Google Contacts Keyboard Shortcut Keys in a much more convenient way.

Google Contacts Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows

Action Shortcut
Move up one contact k
Move down one contact j
Open the current contact o
Return to contact list view u
Remove selected contact(s) from current group e
Select contact x
Move cursor out of input field Escape
Save contact Ctrl+S
Delete contact #
Open groups button l
Undo z
Open “More Actions” menu .
Show keyboard shortcuts help ?
Go to Contacts g then c
Select all contacts * then a
Deselect all contacts * then n


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