List of Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS | Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chat

Google Chat is a great way to communicate with your teammates. However, using the Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts can be a great time-saver in your hectic schedule. You need not use your touchpad or mouse anymore if you invest time in learning these Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts.  In this fast age employing Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Google Chat can be a great way and more useful on Desktops, Android, etc.

Use Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts in Google Chat on Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows. To access shortcuts in Chat, type? anytime, except when you enter text in a field.

Navigate between Views

Chrome OS macOS Windows
Browse spaces Ctrl + O ⌘ + O Ctrl + O
Create a space Crtl + i ⌘ + i Ctrl + i
Search Alt + /  / Alt + /
Start a new message Ctrl + S ⌘ + S Ctrl + S

Navigate the Sidebar

Chrome OS macOS Windows
Quickly switch between spaces or conversations Ctrl + K ⌘ + K Ctrl + K
Open a previous space or conversation
Open the next space or conversation
Go to previous unread item Shift + ↑ Shift + ↑ Shift + ↑
Open next unread item Shift + ↓ Shift + ↓ Shift + ↓
Select a space or conversation → or Enter → or Enter → or Enter

Navigate Conversations within a Space

Chrome OS macOS Windows
Open previous conversation
Open next conversation
Focus on message
Focus on a current space or conversation in sidebar ← or Ctrl + Shift + K ← or ⌘ + Shift + K ← or Ctrl + Shift + K
Open a space menu Ctrl + G ⌘ + G Ctrl + G
Reply to current conversation r r r
Focus on last conversation or message Ctrl + J ⌘ + J Ctrl + J
Start a new thread or message Ctrl + S ⌘ + S Ctrl + S

Navigate Messages within a Conversation

Chrome OS macOS Windows
Open previous message
Open next message
Focus on conversation ← or Esc ← or Esc ← or Esc
Focus on reply box r r r

Reply Box

Chrome OS macOS Windows
Edit previously posted message
New line Shift + Enter Shift + Enter Shift + Enter
Show emoji picker : : :

Copy a Transcript of the Conversation

Chrome OS macOS Linux
Copy selected messages as a transcript Control + Shift + . CMD + Shift + . Control + Shift + .


Chrome OS macOS Windows
Show keyboard shortcuts           ?      ?        ?


We believe the knowledge shed regarding the Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts has been useful to you. If you need any suggestions or feel we need to add a few more keyboard shortcut commands do let us know. Stay in touch with us to get the latest updates on Google Meet Keyboard Shortcuts and Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts.

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