Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar: A Cheat Sheet | Google Calendar Shortcuts You Must Know

If you are using Google Calendar to plan your tasks or schedules you might not always use your mouse or touchpad? Yes, you heard it right! Google Calendar comes with several inbuilt Keyboard Shortcuts to make your job much easier. On this note, we have jotted down the Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar: A Cheat Sheet where you can start off and boost your productivity.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Calendar | Google Calendar HotKeys Cheatsheet

Here is a comprehensive listing of all the Google Calendar Shortcut Keys List that you should definitely consider while working with it.


  • Refresh Calendar: R
  • Go To Previous Date Range: P or K
  • Go To Next Date Range: J or N
  • Go To Current Day: T
  • Go To Add Calendar: +
  • Go To Search: /
  • Go To Settings: S
  • Go To Specific Date: G
  • Go To Today: T
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Windows): Ctrl+Alt+. or Ctrl+Alt+,
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Mac): Cmd+Option+. or Cmd+Option+,
  • Go To Tasks & Keep (Chromebook): Alt+Shift+. or Alt+Shift+,

Edit Events

  • Open Create Event Screen: C
  • Open Create Event Bubble: Q or Shift+C
  • View Event: E
  • Delete Event: Backspace or Delete
  • Undo: Z
  • Save (Windows/Chromebook): Ctrl+S
  • Save (Mac): Cmd+S
  • Return To Calendar From Event: Esc

Change View

  • Day View: 1 or D
  • Week View: 2 or W
  • Month View: 3 or M
  • Custom View: 4 or X
  • Agenda View: 5 or A
  • Year View: 6 or Y
  • View all Hotkeys: ? or Shift+/


We believe the knowledge shared on this page in regards to Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Calendar a Cheat Sheet has been helpful to you. For more Shortcut Keys in Google Calendar do drop us your suggestions so that we will add them to the list. Keep in touch with us to avail latest updates on Google Chrome Shortcut Keys and Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts.

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