Organize your Notes Efficiently with these Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts | All Google Keep Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Windows, Mac

One of the great tools to aid in your note-taking is Google Keep without any doubt. Whenever you want to note down anything in Google Keep you need not click all the buttons from now as we have come up with Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts. Take notes like a pro by using these Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Keep Notes for Web and Chrome. Access the Tips & Tricks over here and become a Google Keep Master.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Keep Notes for Web and Chrome

1. Navigation Shortcuts

J/K Navigate to next/previous note
Shift+J/K Move note to next/previous position
N/P Navigate to next/previous list item
Shift+N/P Move list item to next/previous position

2. Application Shortcuts

C Compose a new note
I Compose a new list
/ Search notes
Ctrl+A Select all notes
? Open keyboard shortcut help

3. Actions

E Archive note
# Trash note
F Pin or unpin notes
X Select note
Ctrl+G Toggle between list and grid view

4. Editor Shortcuts

Esc Finish editing
Ctrl+Enter Finish editing
Ctrl+Shift+8 Toggle checkboxes

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article on Google Keep Keyboard Shortcuts and found them helpful. If you believe we have missed something on Shortcut Keys for Google Keep Notes you can always hit the Shift + / keys website to know more shortcuts. Do check our other popular Google Chat Keyboard Shortcuts
and Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts.

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