How Do I Connect Google Forms To Google Sheets? | Link Google Forms To Google Sheets

One of the most effective productivity tools, Google’s G Suite has a variety of outstanding apps. One of the most practical (and maybe most underrated) tools in the system is Google Forms, especially if you want to link Google Forms to Google Sheets. Surveys, quizzes, feedback forms, and even event registration are frequently considered when … Read more

How to use Pivot Tables in Google Sheets | Detailed Guide on Pivot Table

Spreadsheets provide great analysis skills, but they occasionally lack that extra layer of understanding. It’s difficult to summarise or draw conclusions from a basic tabular spreadsheet view when there’s a large amount of data. The pivot table comes into play. Most Excel expert users rely on pivot tables as their bread and butter, but Google … Read more

How To Add, Edit, View, Filter And Delete Comments in Google Sheets?

Comments are one of the useful features that allow you to collaborate in Google Sheets. Users will be able to provide feedback, suggestion, and tag contacts in the comments. In this article, let us understand how to Add, Edit, View, Filter, And Delete the comments in Google Spreadsheet with the help of Google Sheet tips provided … Read more

How to Edit and View Text from Right to Left in Google Sheets?

When you open a spreadsheet with right-to-left text, or when you add text in a right-to-left language, right-to-left controls are activated automatically. However, if the right to left language controls is not activated, you can manually enable the same in Google Sheets. In this article, let us understand how to edit and view the text … Read more

How to Quickly Merge Cells in Google Sheets: Merge & Unmerge Without Losing Data

Google sheets Merge Function is one of the useful features which allows the user to Merge the Cells. One can make use of the Google Sheet Add-on function to merge the cells in one go. However, if you want to merge the cells manually, then you can use the options which are available under the … Read more

How to Quickly Freeze / Lock Rows in Google Sheets: Freeze or UnFreeze Rows/Columns

Google Sheets Freeze feature can be used when you have a huge number of data that needs to be scrolled up and down. With the help of the Google Sheet Freeze function, you freeze both the rows and columns. Basically, the Freeze function freezes the top rows/columns that would make these rows/columns constantly visible even … Read more