Calendar Template in Google Sheets: Create or Download Yearly/Monthly Calendar

Have you ever been taught about creating yearly or monthly Calendars in Google Sheets? If not, here is an article, where you will learn about how to create a calendar template with the help of Google Sheet tips provided on this page.

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How to Download an Inbuilt Calendar Template From Google Sheets?

Follow the steps as listed below to download the inbuilt Google Sheets calendar template:

  • Step 1: Open your Google Drive or simply follow this URL –
  • Step 2: Now move to the Google Apps Section and click on it.
  • Step 3: Select “Sheets” from the drop down menu.


  • Step 4: Now in the Google Sheets window, click on the “Template Gallery“.


  • Step 5: Under the “Personal” window, you will find the year-wise calendars. Click on “2021 calendar” for the 2021 calendar.


  • Step 6: The calendar template sheet will open on your device.


How to Customize the Google Sheets Calendar Template?

In this article, I have chosen the 2021 inbuilt calendar template. Once the 2021 calendar template is opened on your screen, move to the “Customize your calendar” tab. Here you will have 16 different themes to customize your calendar for 2021.

The steps to customize the 2021 calendar is as follows:

  • Step 1: Simply select “Theme” from the “Format” menu.
  • Step 2: In the side panel, browse and select one of the preset Themes.
  • Step 3: You can use the themes as is, or you can customize them by clicking “Customize.
  • Step 4: Choose the theme that you require and start customizing the Google Sheets calendar template.

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Explanation of Google Sheets Calendar Template

Firstly, a sheet tab named 2021 has been created in Google Spreadsheet. In this sheet, the 2021 yearly dataset has been added such as the list of months, dates as per the day, and so on.


You can easily replicate this yearly calendar template. All you have to do is, add 12 months and move to the start day of January 2021. Now simply add the date manually and used the fill handle to fill upcoming dates. By doing so you can format the yearly calendar in less than 10 minutes.

Once the yearly calendar has been created, 12 different sheet tabs have been added to the 2021 calendar sheet. Each tab is named with a month name such as Jan 2021, Feb 2021, and so on.

Now move to the Jan 2021 sheet tab. Here enter 7 days’ names in the week such as Monday, Tuesday, and so on. The year 2021 commenced on a weekday Friday. So move to the Friday Cell and simply enter the formula “=‘2021’!G4″.


Formula Explanation =‘2021’! refers to the sheet name. 2021 is the yearly calendar tab that we created earlier. So basically we are calling the value from the cell G4 in the 2021 sheet tab. Since cell G4 has the value as “1”, it is reflected here. Now use the fill handle to apply the formulas to other cells which will fetch the dates from the yearly calendar (2021) to update the dates in the monthly calendar.

Follow the above process for the next 11 months and Google Sheets yearly and monthly calendar template is ready.

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