How To Use SUMIFS Function in Google Sheets with Example?

SUMIFS Function Google Sheets: Google Sheets are widely used in significant organisations for maintaining the data sheets of various financial transactions, employee details, accounts, sales, etc. These include not only data input but also data manipulation such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and so on as needed. Hence, instead of manually going on with all the calculations, … Read more

How to Use Filter Functions in Google Sheets with Examples

Google Sheets comes with various functions such as VLOOKUP, IMPORTRANGE, REGXREPALCE, and so on. The FILTER function is one such amazingly strong one where we can perform various options without using the FILTER Views. On this page, let’s learn everything about Filter Functions and operations that can be performed with the help of Google Sheet … Read more

Tips and Tricks To Calculate Days Between Two Dates in Google Sheets

 Calculate Days Between Two Dates in Google Sheets: Handling extensive data sheets with multiple dates and time combinations is very common these days. Calculating the number of days between two dates by subtracting in Google Sheets is possible for small data worksheets. But for huge lumps of data, calculating days between months will be time-consuming, … Read more

How to Add & Use Calculated Fields in Google Sheets Pivot Tables

Calculated Fields are very useful when it comes to summarising the data in Google Sheet Pivot tables. The main purpose of Calculated Fields is that it allows you to process your data in order to create more tailored Pivot table results. With the help of Custom formulas, one can present summary metrics in the Pivot … Read more

How to Strikethrough in Google Sheets: 3 Easy Shortcut Methods

Strikethrough function is one of the important features which we widely use in the text editors such as Google Docs, MS Words and so on. Using the Strikethrough in Google Sheets will help us to format the required text by adding a line in the middle of the text. Suppose if you have a list … Read more

Python Program to Convert any Dates in Spreadsheets

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to use Python to convert any Dates in Spreadsheets. Let us take an example of demo.xlsx excel spreadsheet that is shown below: This file contains a single column called ‘Dates,’ which stores random dates from 2020 in various formats. to_datetime() Method: To conduct date and time operations, we … Read more

How Do I Connect Google Forms To Google Sheets? | Link Google Forms To Google Sheets

One of the most effective productivity tools, Google’s G Suite has a variety of outstanding apps. One of the most practical (and maybe most underrated) tools in the system is Google Forms, especially if you want to link Google Forms to Google Sheets. Surveys, quizzes, feedback forms, and even event registration are frequently considered when … Read more

How to Calculate Compound Interest in Google Sheets? | Google Sheets Compound Interest Formula

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